What I Read This Week: January 22, 2017

I made butternut squash soup on Friday. This was a week where I needed comfort food and soup, to me, is the ultimate comfort food. It's warm, it's soothing, I can have delicious bread with it, and I can eat the whole pot and not feel guilty.

It was a short week at work (which was awesome because it was also crazy busy - so many ups and downs on step stools grabbing books), so I had hoped to get through more of my magazine backlog. Sadly, I only managed to read a few issues, but at least it is a start. My magazine bin is so full that I might not have room for what arrives in my mailbox yet. I might have to prioritize my reading of old issues next week.
  • Magazines
    • HGTV Magazine, January/February 2017 - Again, this magazine is mainly pretty pictures and not much else. I did find the tips and tricks from the pros about painting to be useful. 
    • Food Network, January/February 2017 - Hello cozy dinners! They are some of my favorites. But, my favorite part of this issue were the the cupcakes. There was a cupcake recipe (and awesome picture) themed to each month of the year. If I was into baking challenges, I would try to make the recipe each month. Gimme frosting!
  • Books
    • I'm just shy of being half-way into Walkable City. The book is kind of repetitive and the structure of the writing is a bit flimsy, but I do think the author is making some great points.