What I Read This Week: December 18, 2016

Winter roared in this week. I busted out the fleece tights, gloves, hats, and thicker coats. That still wasn't enough to handle the crazy winds we had earlier this week. I was practically blown in to the road when walking across campus.

But enough about the bad parts of winter. Yesterday, The Husband and I participated in Wreaths Across America at Arlington National Cemetery. My grandfather is buried there, so it was nice to take part in this event. Today, I am off to join the ladies for a Christmas tea. Bring on the finger sandwiches!

The week coming up may be a short week, work-wise, but it is definitely busy. We're hosting both of our families for Christmas again. I have lots of baking, cleaning, and food prep to handle. The Husband is wrapping all the presents because a) he loves it and b) he's extremely good at it. Seriously. His work belongs in magazines and should be repinned muchly on Pinterest.
  • Magazines
    • HGTV, December 2016 - This issue was basically catalog for gift ideas and Christmas decor. It took me all of 10 minutes to flip-through. That said, I love seeing various ways you can decorate for the holidays. 
    • Food Network, December 2016 - This was a surprisingly thick issue... probably because there were so many cookie recipes. As with the issue above, this was basically a catalog for gift ideas and holiday food. I did enjoy looking at all of the pretty gingerbread houses based on regional architecture. People are so creative!
  • Books
    • I'm finished reading You Will Know Me late in the week. I would have finished earlier this week, in one big chunk of late night reading, but it was a school night when I got to a really good part and I told myself I had to go to be instead of reading until 4am. Being an adult is hard.