What I Read This Week: November 27, 2016

Quick write-up today - we need to decorate our apartment for Christmas. I can't decide if we should watch NFL Red Zone or Die Hard whilst we deck the halls.

  • Magazines
    • National Geographic, November 2016 - I read this issue while lying on the floor in my parents living room. It was great! The cover story on Mars was fantastic and I can't wait to binge watch the companion series. On top of the Mars, there was a nice piece on octopi (octopusses?). The pictures were lovely and I can never get enough information on this animal. Finally, there were brief pieces on the opening of US tourism in Cuba and the recovery from the civil war in Sri Lanka that are also worth the read.
    • Washingtonian, October 2016 - Om nom nom. The cover spread on breakfast and brunch places in the DC area has my name all over it. In addition to the list of tasty places I need to try, there was a fun piece on creating your dream kitchen. I can't remodel
      our rental, but I can file ideas away for later. There was also a fascinating (and more than mildly disturbing) article on a weird crime that took place in Virginia. Finally, there was a great piece on "the speech whisperer" - a consultant who teaches women how to speak more authoritatively without coming across as shrill or angry. It makes my blood boil that there is a niche for this kind of work - but I get it.
  • Books
    • On Thanksgiving morning, I finished off the final pages of Dietland. While the ending was a touch of a let down, I generally liked the book. Full review to come!
    • I'm a few pages into The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott. It's too soon to tell if I'm going to like this book... but part of it takes part on the Titanic, so that's a positive in its favor.
  • Other
    • When mom is "cleaning fairy" to her son but not to her daughters things need to change.