What I Read This Week: November 20, 2016

On the road again...

The Husband and I are in transit to my folks place in Upstate New York to celebrate Thanksgiving. He has to "work from home" for the first half of the week, but I plan on helping my mom with various holiday, relaxing, and enjoying my home town. Who knows, maybe I'll even manage to read a lot more than this extensive list below. I seriously crushed it in the reading department this week. Who knew clearing out the lesser loved RSS feeds in my reader would give me so much more "offline" reading time? (Most people I presume... but let me have this!)
  • Work
    • College and Research Libraries News, November 2016 -  There was quite a bit on reaching out to Cuba in this issue. I mainly enjoyed the piece on creating strong leadership in libraries. I also liked the brief piece on how leadership is not for everyone. 
    • American Libraries, September/October 2016 - I *heart* the library design issue. It always makes me want to take field trips to see all the new and revamped buildings and spaces. I also loved this month's professional development book picks - they were all about putting patrons in touch with their family history through research and personal collection digitization.
    • American Libraries, November/December 2016 - The first
      piece that caught my eye in this issue was the trend piece on shared spaces in libraries. I also like the story on Snapchat in libraries. I did a Snapchat takeover for my library, and it was fun to read what others are doing well. There was also a thought-provoking piece on what the new role of the Library of Congress should now that we have a new Librarian of Congress. Speaking of the new Librarian of Congress - I muchly applaud the introductory article on Carla Hayden. I can't wait to see where she takes things.
  • Magazines
    • Good Housekeeping, October 2016 - Some of the pumpkin decorating ideas were cute. I may have to try this painting a
      pumpkin instead of carving it trend. There was a fantastic article about raising a child with down syndrome in this issue. Finally, I loved the piece on how it's okay to be a grumpy cancer survivor.
    • Good Housekeeping, November 2016 - More food please! Seriously, all the November issues make me hungry. The cover on this issue left me salivating. As someone who seems to get an inordinate amount of headcolds, I found the piece on avoiding winter illness to be quite useful. Also, I loved how much of this issue was about gratitude and giving back.
    • Real Simple, October 2016 - One of the main features of this
      issue was skillet dinners. I might have added all of them to my "to try" pile. I read this after the election, so I found the article on how to raised caring and empathetic kids to be particularly poignant. And, while I've not had need of it yet, I have a feeling that I will one day put to use the article on what comes after a bad health diagnosis (either for yourself or for a loved one). And, to end on a happy note, there was a touching piece on a couple who became foster parents to three children.
    • Real Simple, November 2016 - Just feed me all the things. Seriously. Thanksgiving issues that cover food will be the end of me. I just want to sample every recipe included in the
      issue. Related... but not really... the how to clean your home before the big food holiday offered a great breakdown and how to. Addtionally, author Jennifer Weiner wrote a nice piece on growing up in different countries and how we benefit from learning from different traditions and ways of life. The one kind of article I could do without is the nutritionists who recommend how to "make it through" Thanksgiving. It's one holiday. I'm going to eat and relax and enjoy it.
    • Real Simple, December 2016 - This issue right after I finished the other two Real Simples. The gift suggestions in this issue might prove to be useful for once. My list of ideas was short this year, so I was happy for the inspiration help. I enjoyed the alphabetical guide to the holidays. It was fun to be reminded about a bit of Christmas history. Finally, I save two recipes out of the dinner section. I don't know if The Husband will love them, but they looked tasty to me.
  • Books
    • I've put a surprisingly large dent in Dietland. There's a chance I might even finish it in the next 12 hours. Right after the election, I was not in the mood for a rah-rah feminist book... but now I am. I soooooo am.