What I Read This Week: November 13, 2016

This was not a good week. I spent far too much time grieving and crying for what might have been if the election had gone the other way. I'm slowly starting to exit the sad stage and enter anger, but I'm not entirely there yet. I spent quite a bit of time of the couch this week just moping and clicking through more bad news on the internet. What reading I was able to finish happened in the few moments of numbness where my brain could focus on words. The reading list is short this week, but reading is therapeutic, and I hope to be back on top of things soon.
  • Magazines
    • The Atlantic, November 2016 - I started reading this issue last week. I was gung-ho about the editorial endorsing Clinton, but I read it again after the election and it made me sad. Every word the magazine's editors wrote is true - and it's just a knife in the gut. Outside of that, the articles on Twitter and cops in schools are very important (perhaps now more than ever.)
  • Books
    •  I'm still reading Dietland but it's slow going. The book is very good, but it's hard to read so a pro-feminist, rah-rah women story after Tuesday. I think, however, that the characters in this novel will get me to stop moping soon. It's hard to stay sad when you seek kick-ass characters being awesome.
  • Other
    • Pantsuit Nation on Facebook. Those stories are so incredibly uplifting. They give me hope. They give me drive.