Why I Love... Travel Reading

The Husband and I returned from a wonderful trip to London and France earlier this week. As much as I love seeing the sights, eating delicious food, and walking through new areas, I also love one of the side benefits of long distance travel - uninterrupted reading time. We had both long flights and train rides to settle in with our books. He loves his Kindle and I stick with door-stopper books.

Reading during travel is great because it's an excuse to ignore everything else and just dive into a book. You don't have chores, work, or other obligations bearing down on you while you're in transit. You are "stuck" in one place for, in some cases, long periods of time. I think the best way to spend those hours is with a good book. You can blissfully ignore the world (and scary airplane takeoffs and landings) by surrounding yourself with a great plot and intriguing characters.


Stefanie said…
Welcome back! Hope you had a great trip!
Meghan said…
Thanks, Stefanie!