What I Read This Week: October 30, 2016

Ha! I am slowly catching up on my reading. Also, my laundry. I finally remembered to wash the various throw blankets that we have. Now that it is fall, I can finally curl up in the corner of my couch under a (clean!) blanket. Is it too early for me to say, "Bring on the snow!"?
  • Work
    • College & Research Libraries News, September 2016 - I thought I would just flip through this issue after reading the table of contents, but the article on building a pulp magazine collection from scratch was very interesting. The authors talked about acquiring and preserving the collection along with future plans. I think it's worth the read. The article on participatory archiving is also worth a glance.
    • College & Research Libraries News, October 2016 - I very much enjoyed the article on feedback and library instruction. I'm always looking to improve my teaching skills, and I liked the insights offered in this piece.
  • Magazines
    • The Atlantic, October 2016 - I was very late reading this issue, but it was actually really interesting to read the debate article after all the debates ended. Fallows' insights were pretty spot on. The article on the fear of the female candidate made me righteously angry. Also, Ta-Nehisi Coates is becoming one of my favorite contributors. Everything he writes is fantastic. 
    • National Geographic, October 2016 - The cover article about millenials going back to nature was kind of meh to me. It seemed like yet another "woo is this generation" piece for my tastes. The rhino ivory trade was a nice follow up to the previous articles on this topic. Finally, I thought the piece on migrants (including their portraits) was a very compelling read.
  • Books
    • I'm back to my regular read 10-20 pages in bed before falling asleep. So, it's slow going through Pointe, but only because I'm sleepy. Not because the book is bad. In fact, while there is a ton of (possibly unnecessary) drama, I'm really enjoying the story.
  • Other
    • The Chronicle of Higher Education posted a really interesting article on a college professor who requires one paper to be handwritten each course.
    • Article club met this week. We read something a little out of our wheelhouse. It was an article from The Atlantic about hoarding in the age of tidying up and things sparking joy. 
    • If you're having a rough day or week, read this list of nice things people do for those they love. (From BuzzFeed.)