What I Read This Week: October 23, 2016

I want to put words here, but my brain is in a fog. Between lingering post-readathon sleepiness and whatever cold has taken up residence in my system, I simply can't string together sentences about my week. Good thing I only plan on watching football today.
  • Magazines
    • Once I finished reading The Land of Painted Caves last Sunday, I forewent starting a new book until readathon in an effort to decrease my massive magazine pile. I started reading the October issue of The Atlantic but I have yet to finish it. I'm very close though. Full write up of that issue... and hopefully a bunch of other magazines... next week.
  • Books
    • I finally finished The Land of Painted Caves last Sunday. I'm a little disappointed in how the whole series wrapped up, but I'm glad I read it.
    • Here's what I managed to finish during readathon:
      • The Dark by Lemony Snikect
      • Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook by Rachel Khoo
      • Trapped by Michael Northrop
      • Good and Cheap by Leanne Brown
      • The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais
      • Cravings by Chrissy Teigen
  • Other
    • Post-debate tweets. Huh-larious.