Why I Love... Moving Books

My library is currently in the midst of shuffling it's collections. We're moving books from here to there, to off-site storage, and also removing select items from the collection. A lot of books are coming through my office. A lot of pounds are being lifted. A lot of carts are being pushed, pulled, filled, emptied, and filled again. It's physical work, and the movement is constant. Each day, my muscles are sore and I'm quite tired. This project is such a workout that I've been skipping my usual workouts because I'm that spent.

But you know what? I love it.

I love seeing the change as it happens. I love looking at all the boxes we packed. I love looking at the shelves we've emptied. I love looking at items being interfiled with the main collection. All of those activities, as physically exhausting as they are, are things I can point to and say, "We did that." Oftentimes you don't get to see the results of your labor and work. This is something physical I can point to. This is something I can add to statistics. This is something that, we hope, makes our library stronger.

I may go home tired, but I go home proud of the work we have done.