What I Read This Week: September 4, 2016

My how time flies when you're incredibly busy. The semester started this week AND we're prepping to start relocating a branch library next week. I felt incredibly productive (and tired) all week. My desk alternated between looking like a confetti bomb went off and being perfectly clean. I'm just happy I was able to stay on top of everything.

In other news, my brother decided to come down from NYC to visit for a few days. The best parts about his visits is that he's not a typical tourist. Sometimes we go out to museums and stuff, but mostly it's just hanging out. Tonight we're watching ND's first football game of the season. I fully expect he and The Husband to geek out over the new camera and gear we got for our trip to Europe between plays.
  • Magazines
    • The Atlantic, September 2016 - The cover story was all about the money we spend protecting the homeland. I firmly believed that most of this is security theatre, but it was nice to read of some success stories. On the whole though, it still seems like a lot of money is spent where it doesn't need to be spent. Oh, politics. Aside from that, there was a fascinating article about the first attempt to transplant a head. It was a bit creepy and I don't know where I stand on the ethics of the procedure, but the piece provided a fascinating insight into the research and debate. The articles on helicopter parents and binge drinking and "white trash" whites were also good reads.
    • Real Simple, September 2016 - I was a bit disappointed in this issue. Normally, I adore most of the content in Real Simple but this month was just sorta there. I did enjoy the articles on living room furniture layouts (with floorplans!) and vanity sizing in clothing. The best piece was probably the article on pick eaters. I was never a really picky eater (though I did have a hating seafood phase) so it was kind of cool to read why people are. Finally, there were some tasty looking recipes in the last pages of the issue.
  • Books
    • I finished up The Middlesteins. It was the kind of book I loved while I was reading, but kind of forgot about when I was doing other things. It was a great read, but it didn't linger.
    • I started reading the final book in the Earth's Children series, The Land of Painted Caves. I can't wait to see how Auel wraps up Ayla and Jondalar's story. .
  • Other