What I Read This Week: September 11, 2016

What a week. We're relocating our Architecture campus library to the main library and off-site storage. This week, we moved the 1,200 most popular books into the stacks. Most of these books are folio sized. Carts and carts of folio sized books. Everything hurts. But it's done! The only upside to this project is that it is, essentially, a full body workout.

I'm very glad football season is back. I love the fantasy league The Husband and I take part in, and I love having an excuse to spend all Sunday watching NFL RedZone. I hope to also be productive in those hours this season. I really want to get my personal portfolio website off the ground. It needs a lot of work, but one of my new favorite blogs, Career Contessa, is currently doing a whole month on what you need to put a site like this together. Win!
  • Magazines
    • National Geographic, September 2016 - This entire issue was pretty good. That was surprising to me because I didn't seem to enthused about the stories when I read through the table of contents. The cover story on curing blindness is fantastic and uplifting even if the idea of eye surgery kept making me feel queasy. The story on the Pacific warm blob was sad but I think it offers a great warning for what global warming has in store. Finally, I greatly enjoyed the article on walking the Grand Canyon. That place is on my travel list.
  • Books
    • I'm (shockingly) almost 100 pages into The Land of Painted Caves. Given how physically exhausting this week has been, I'm surprised I've been able to read more than 5 pages before falling asleep. So far, this book is just like the others in series - the story is enjoyable, but it's a bit repetitive.