Why I Love... Shelfies

When I started heading up my library's social media, I couldn't wait to start an Instagram account. I love taking pictures and I love going into the stacks. Hence, I love shelfies.

Shelfies are selfies of books. You can be in the picture with the books or simply feature the books themselves. I'm a fan of the latter. I love finding just the right angle with just the right lighting to truly make the books pop. I also like to challenge myself to find a new perspective (see picture below). Shelfies give me a chance to be creative while showing off something I love.

Shelfies are great because they are also about sharing. Shelfies offer a chance for people to show off their book collections and reading personalities. I love seeing a well styled bookcase full of books and other decorative items. Every now and then I search the shelfie hashtag on Instagram just to see what others are posting. I'm always amazed by the variety of images and books people own.