Why I Love... Mylar Covers

Call me crazy, but I love those plasticy, mylar covers that libraries put on books. For the library, the offer protection and extend the life of a dust jacket. They also help keep water, beverages, or other wet messes from running the book. For me, the covers offer an aural memory. I love the crinkly sound they make when I open a book. It's a sound effect of my reading. I also love how they make library books seem all glossy and special.

I don't normally read hardcover books with the dust jackets. I don't like the chance that my reading or carrying them around will wrinkle or rip them. With mylar covers, however, there is an extra layer of protection. (Plus most libraries tape or glue then down so they aren't going anywhere.) These covers set library books apart from my personal books. They remind me of all my trips to my neighborhood branch. They remind me of the smell of books. They remind me of seeing kids running into the children's area. They remind me that I have access to tons and tons and tons of books that I would not be able to buy myself.

I love mylar covers for what they represent in my life. Plus, they just sound really nice when you open a book and settle in for a long read.