What I Read This Week: August 7, 2016

So, my metro line was single tracking all week. Since I can't reliably count on metro to get me to work on time on a good day, I decided to try something new. This month, UBER started offering a "pool pass" in DC. I pay an up front fee and then only have to pay $1 for each pool ride. I thought I would try it out as a way to get around metro's problems.

Whelp... I loved it. I had a comfy seat, AC, strong cell signal, and arrived early (sometimes very early) to work (and home) every day this week. It also turns out to be cheaper. If this become a monthly thing, I don't know if I'll ever go back to metro.
  • Magazines
    • Washingtonian, August 2016 - Mmmm beeeer. I now have a lengthy list of breweries to visit. This issue also had a great breakdown of how to get the most out of Rock Creek Park.... including a long hike to help you burn off all the calories from the beer. I thought I would enjoy the article on the breakup of POLITICO more but it was kind of blah. I'm not really into hearing about internal bickering.
    • HGTV Magazine, September 2016 - Aside from the pretty colors and funny makeovers, there was not much in this issue that caught my eye.
    • Food Network, September 2016 - This was a pretty hefty issue. There were some tasty looking recipes. but I only
      flagged one to try later. (But all of the mac and cheese ones were tempting.) I loved the behind the scenes picture article about how recipes for the magazine are tested. Finally, the article on New York City bagels made me want to hop on a train north so I could grab a dozen or two.
  • Books
    • I started reading Code Name Verity. I'm enjoying the story and how the writer decided to set up her narrative. Too bad I keep falling asleep after 5 pages! I might need to set aside an evening to just marathon this book. I have a feeling I will fall into it and not want to go anywhere else.
  • Other
    • The Atlantic posted an interesting article on the spending habits of millenials. I have to say that I am one of the members of that generation that tend to spend less on things and more on experiences.