What I Read This Week: August 28, 2016

Holy lack of reading, Batman! This was a crazy week at work. (Closing and relocating a branch library will do that to ya.) All I wanted to do when I got home was veg on the couch, watch bad TV (Camp Cutthroat on FoodNetwork is fantastic), and read the internet. Sloth for the win!

Lady B got my off my couch on Saturday. She wanted to run her first D&D for her birthday. It was kind of awesome. I was a dragon-born thingy. Fear my clumsy tail!
  • Books
    • I'm about halfway through The Middlesteins. I am loving this book and actually have no idea where it is headed. I heart a touch of mystery. If this was read-a-thon, this book would have made a great middle of the event read.
  • Other
    • Article club met this week and we read two pieces about choosing or not choosing motherhood. (I would link them here, but I've already deleted the links. D'oh!) Just know that our group is in agreement that women should make the decision that works best for them, and no one should judge them for it.