What I Read This Week: August 14, 2016

Every two years I get sucked into the Olympics. I never watch any of these sports outside of the Olympics. (The exception being winter's ice hockey.) When the Olympic roll around, I get completely sucked in. I love the competition and the drama; I also love seeing people at the top of their games and achieving their dreams. Every time an Olympian cries, I tear up. Kleenex should sponsor my viewing. I LOVE these two weeks. I hate the sexist commentary... but I'm willing to yell at the TV and cheer everyone on nonetheless.

The Husband and I did take a break from our bingewatching of the Olympics to spend the weekend in Baltimore with friends. We mainly wanted to visit the aquarium, but the whole inner harbor is fantastic.
  • Magazines
    • National Geographic, August 2016 - The cover story on editing DNA was kind of technical but really interesting! I've heard about CRISPR before, but this was the easiest to understand explanation. I enjoyed that the article looked at consequences. This issue included an article on the whitetip shark. This shark is maligned in our imagining and over-fished. Great article with great pictures. There was a long sort of dry (no pun intended) piece on the shrinking Ogallala aquifer. The entire time I was reading that piece, I heard my dad in the back of my head saying, "See! I told you this would happen."  Finally, pandas! Pandas are so cute even if they find breeding confusing.
  • Books
    • I've passed the half-way point in Code Name Verity. If I had read this book during read-a-thon, I would not stop. Not even to blog. It's very good, and I just hit the point that made me go, "OOOOOOO!"
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