It's National Book Lovers Day! I don't know who decides when we celebrate these random holidays, but I love any excuse to hug books in public.

Books have always been a part of my life. Both of my parents are readers and my father is a librarian. I've grown up as a reader. I spent countless hours reading whatever I could get my hands on. When I found a book I loved - looking at you This Place Has No Atmosphere - I read it dozens of times. Seriously. Dozens. Some of my best childhood memories are biking or walking to the local library. Almost every year, I received books as birthday and/or Christmas presents. And I was thrilled about that. Now I'm a librarian and books are a part of my daily living. I get to see the new titles before they hit the shelves, and I get to fix the books that have been over-loved by our patrons. I'm also still a reader. I can't imagine going a day without reading even one page in a book. Like every book lover I know, I have a never-ending list of titles to be read.

I am a book lover because...

... reading makes me happy.
... reading makes me smarter.
... reading expands my horizons beyond what I see everyday.
... reading is adventure or classroom where you are.
... reading is the best way to spend a rainy day.
... reading is the best way to spend a lazy day.
... reading is the best thing to do before turning out the light at night.
... books make me smile.
... books have an intoxicating smell.
... books feel like holding endless possibility.
... books look good in your home.
... books do wonders for flattening bumps in your carpet.

... books make for great coversations.
... books are for sharing.

Why are you a book lover?