Change is Afoot!

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you've probably noticed some of the subtle and not so subtle changes that happened over the weekend. I tweaked the layout, added some sidebar gadgets, and overhauled the header. The changes to the look of the blog are the beginnings of some larger changes I plan on making.

I've been feeling a bit antsy as of late to take on something new. While I enjoy posting my regular features and book reviews, I've been itching to expand and explore new areas. Part of this drive comes from recent experiences off-line. First, I've felt the need to take control of and start to drive my professional work and "brand" (such as it is). Life in that area as a bit stagnant for awhile, and I want to grow my skills and experience. Second, I've taken on a few new fun things in my life that I want to talk about. I started a bullet journal (love. love. love it!), I've been walking and exploring the city more, and I'm taking more pictures through Instagram and with our fancy new DLSR camera. Finally, I realized that I missed writing. Awhile back, an article summary I wrote was approved for possible publication in a professional library journal. As passionate as I am about the topic, it was a pain to write. The last time I wrote a long-form paper that was not a procedure or project plan was grad school. My writing skills are rusty. Very rusty. I didn't like how hard it was. I want to start writing on a more regular schedule.

So, what does all of this mean for the blog?

Well, you can expect more posts. The regular features and book reviews will remain and I plan to add more. I'm not entirely sure what they are yet... but I'm just bursting with possible ideas.

On top of more features, I plan on posting more essay-like posts on topics that expand on my interests. Reading, libraries, and information are still near and dear to my heart, but I find they interact with other areas of my life that I am itching to talk about it. (Heads up - I'm loving my bullet journal so much that you can most certainly expect to see posts or pictures about that.)

Additionally, I plan to incorporate images more. The first step in that process was adding an Instragam widget. You can see that in the right-hand sidebar. There are (*pauses to mentally count*) three phenomenal bookstores within walking distance of my apartment. I might need to take my camera and you along for a field trip to each one. I love all the ways books appear in my life (like the little free library down the street), so I might incorporate shorter photo posts. I've started documenting my current reads on Instagram and I'd love to feature those pictures here as well.

As I said, I'm brimming with excitement and a ton of ideas, I just need to nail them down. Expect to see new features and content to start trickling in this month.

The title of the blog will stay Recreational Reading because that still covers the essence of my posts: reading and other diversions that provide relaxation and enjoyment. I decided, however, to update my tagline to "Read. Wander. Wonder." to showcase this drive a bit more clearly.

I hope you all enjoy what's in store because this is how I'm feeling about all these ideas swimming about my head:

P.S. If you happen to read this via an RSS feed, surf on over to the blog. I've simplified things and added a new header. I think it looks spiffy.