Book 22: Used and Rare

TITLE: Used and Rare: Travels in the Book World
AUTHOR: Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone
STARTED: July 13, 2016
FINISHED: July 21, 2016
PAGES: 215
GENRE: Books about Books

FIRST SENTENCE: We came to book collecting because our birthdays fall eight days apart.

SUMMARY: [From BN] Journey into the world of book collecting with the Goldstones-rediscover the joy of reading, laugh, and fall in love with books all over again. The idea that books had stories associated with them that had nothing to do with the stories inside them was new to us. We had always valued the history, the world of ideas contained between the covers of a book or, as in the case of The Night Visitor, some special personal significance. Now, for the first time, we began to appreciate that there was a history and a world of ideas embodied by the books themselves. Part travel story, part love story, and part memoir, Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone's Used and Rare provides a delightful love letter to book lovers everywhere.

THOUGHTS: This book brought back a ton of memories. I worked in a used bookstore, so I recognize many of the characters the Goldstone's encounter. I also know exactly what they're talking about when the discuss falling in love with purchasing old books, the smell and (dis)organization of various stores, and remembering that it's all about buying and reading what you love. This book gave me the warm and fuzzies all over because it was a part of my life. If you have ever been a fan of used books and bookstores, this book offers a trip down memory lane.

The only reason I don't adore this book is because the Goldstone's come off as pretentious. It's very #firstworldproblems. They do seem like great people, but something about the writing and in some of the stories makes the authors seem a aloof. 

RATING: 7/10 [Very Good]