Why I Love... Mild Obsession

As soon as I finish my current read, I get to start a book I am very much anticipating - Into Thin Air. The Husband and I watched Everest a week or so again, and ever since I've been mildly obsessed with the topic of climbing My. Everest. I love it when I fall into a mild obsession because it means I get to dive into a new topic with a passion. I can research online, browse the library, and read and read and read to my heart's content.

Mild obsession is fantastic because it means I'm learning something new. Curiosity inspired me to dive headlong into research. In these cases, I'm driven by the pure need to simply know more about something I find inspiring, interesting, or fascinating. No one is going to grade my work, tell me to move faster or slower, look into another topic, or stop altogether. Mild obsession is driving me because I am curious and intrigued.

When I get to latch on to a new obsession, I go at it full-speed. I cycle through research and consumption until my need to explore and learn has been satisfied... and then I move onto the next obsession.