What I Read This Week: July 31, 2016

Why, DC? Why with the heat? I nearly melted commuting every day. Not cool. Literally.

Beyond that, it was a good week. We're piloting the digitization of our archival theses and, while we still have things to work out, it's fun to see the project starting to come together. The test results look pretty darn cool. I love it when a plan comes together!

On top of that, I spent a lot of this week editing the article I need to submit tomorrow. I freely admit it is not my best work. I've not written a paper like this since grad school. Thankfully, The Husband and Lady B are awesome editors. It's been whipped into shape and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's approved for printing. I think I might need to start writing more, even if no one reads the work. I do not want my skills to go that stagnant again.
  • Work
    • American Libraries, July/August 2016 - The bulk of the issue was the annual conference wrap up. I skimmed all of that. I highly recommend reading the article excerpted from the books The Purposed Based Library. I think I may need to get my hand on that.
  • Magazines
    • Real Simple, August 2016 - This issue makes me want to paint all the things. (Not until we move, Meghan. Not until we move.) The paint article featured all sorts of help tips and tricks to painting better. As someone who has trouble with the "W" technique, this article might prove very useful. The brief article on how to stay cool when it's very hot was well time because DC survived a horrid heat wave this week. Finally, I loved the tips about how to go back to school. I don't have anyone to prep for, but I thought the organization comments were applicable to other areas of life. Also, I love school supplies. I was that kid who relished picked out pens, binders, folders, and notebooks.
  • Books
    • I finished The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The story was cute, but I kept thinking about the Disney cartoon version.
    • Mid-week, I started Hyperbole and a Half. I love the web cartoon and the book is essentially that on paper.
  • Other
    • Article club met on Tuesday. We read two short pieces this session. The first was on how to find meaning in your work and the second was on gender and mass violence. They were very different pieces, but we had a nice discussion to go along with our wine.
    • Early in the week, I read a NY Times article the many perceptions of Marie Kondo's tidying up methods. As a "konvert" I found myself judging those who adamantly don't believe in her methods. I think, as with everything in life, some things work for some people and not for others.