What I Read This Week: July 17, 2016

Birthday weekend! WOOO! My birthday is actually this upcoming Wednesday, but we celebrated this weekend because I decided I want a tropical drink with a little umbrella. Tiki Bars are a new(ish) trend in DC, so The Husband gathered many of friends to join us at a bar called Archipelago. It was a fantastic time. We're following up the fun of last night with a brunch today at Le Diplomate. A french style restaurant that is much in demand and has been on my list for awhile. Noms!

Now I have a week off. I would ponder about what to do with myself, but I have a long lists of tasks I want to accomplish and an article to write.
  • Work
  • Magazines
    • Cooking Light, August 2016 - The recipes in this issue
      were just "there" for me, but I loved the articles. Normally, I skim the editor's letter, but this month's was a cute story about the EIC's grandmother, her typwriter, and all the letters she wrote to family and friends. Following the grandma trend, there was a great piece on "Nonna's Sauce" about an Italian family and their homemade sauce making. Finally, there were two healthy pieces about eating for vitamins and nutrients and the benefits of eating raw foods for your health and digestion.
    • Good Housekeeping, August 2016 - I breezed through most of this issue, but the article on why you should get to know your neighbors is a good read. They could just end up saving your life. There was also a feature piece on how to prepare for disasters that was beneficially. Finally, some of the summer recipes looked mighty tasty.
  • Books
    • I motored through Into Thin Air this week and finished it much faster than expected. I was up much later a few nights in a row because I was so absorbed in the book. It was really, really good. Also, makes you appreciate the simple things. Like breathable air.
    • I was kind of at a loss of what to read for my next book. Into Thin Air is sticking with my, so it took me a while to find a book in my apartment that I wanted to read next. I ended up picking Used and Rare. It's a book about a couple and their "travels" in the book world.