What I Read This Week: June 26, 2016

On Monday, The Husband and I did something that I thought was pretty darn awesome: we took a tour of the US Naval Observatory. Most people know that as the place where the Vice President lives, but we went to the science side of the complex. We got to look through a telescope at Jupiter, see a 360 degree, nighttime skyline view of the DC area, visit their awesome library, and learn about how the navy has developed time technology. It was a nerdy blast.
  • Work
    • I'm reading a lot of disaster response and recovery plans. Ours is out of date and I would love to have it updated and approved before the year is over.
  • Magazines
    • Food Network, July/August 2016 - I loved all the delightfully refreshing summer dishes in this issue. Sadly, some many of them involve a grill that I mourn for the loss of my patio. Oh well. At least the theme party ideas could be put into action.
    • Real Simple, July 2016 - There were two fantastic feature articles in this issue. The first was on how an autistic boy communicates through visual aids - that one hit me right in
      the feels. The second was about gossip and how it's both good and bad for us. Aside from that, I loved the many ideas on how to enjoy the summer months. 
  • Books
    • I made a concerted effort to read Doctor Dealer in larger chunks this week. I was mildly successful which meant I got to sink into the story more. Bowden is doing a wonderful job of discussing the dealer's back-story. I almost like the guy even though, in actuality, he's not a good person.  
    • I'm still working my way through What If?. This is a great book and I keep laughing at some many of the comments and cartoons. 
  • Other 
    • I love leaning about science and astronomy. I've developed fangirl crushes on both Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye, so I thought it was pretty awesome when the New York Times posted an article about what Bill Nye's Sunday looks like.