What I Read This Week: June 19, 2016

This week was the perfect balance of work and relaxation. I took a few days off but while I was home I worked-out, voted, and tackled a few things on my to do list. At the office, I managed to stay on top of the daily tasks while having time to plan for and research future projects.

Also, yesterday was awesome. I met up with Lady K and Lady B for a movie (Love and Friendship) and a late lunch. Lady K and I were supposed to use our lunch time to set up our new bullet journals. Whelp, the day before our date, I found out that I ordered a blank instead of dotted notebook... so Lady K set up her journal while I joined Lady B in coloring. While I'm very bummed I didn't get to set up my journal, coloring is still awesome.

Speaking of awesome - The Husband didn't bat an eye during my "It's not dotted!" freak-out when I opened the journal... which had been sitting around (unwrapped) for over a week... so it's my own fault. He merely found an outlet that had it in stock and sent me a link to order the right journal this time. I have ordered two (yes, two) of the correct notebooks from two different vendors. Whoever arrives first gets to be my first bullet journal. Then the other one gets to be a back up. I plan on using the blank notebook for all those meetings I have to take notes in. I don't need dots to keep my notes neat. I'm depending on them to make my bullet journal easier to organize.

Now onto the reading!
  • Work
    • I requested a book, Working Together: Collaborative Information Practices for Organizational Learning, from a library in our consortium to reference for my article. It was a lot shorter than expected. I managed to finish it in a day. Go me.
  • Magazines
    • HGTV Magazine, July/August 2016 - I loved how colorful this issue was, but it seems to be that this magazine repeats the same design styles over and over again. I would love to see something outside of the norm. 
    • Good Housekeeping, July 2016 - I ran through this issue rather quickly, but I did enjoy reading the feature pieces on how one woman surprised her family with her weight loss and how another learned to overcome her fear. There was also a great short piece on a group of military wives who put together a business for other military wives.
    • Cooking Light, July 2016 - I looooooove summer recipes. All the fresh produce and pictures of grilled food just sets my mouth to watering. I snipped a few recipes to try including a steak and tomato panzanella salad that should make both me and The Husband happy. 
  • Books
    • I finished reading Mortal Heart. I'm glad I got to finish it off one massive chunk while on the train. It made it much easier to get absorbed into the end of the story.
    • Now, I am reading Mark Bowden's Doctor Dealer. This has been sitting on my shelf for years. I was in the mood for non-fiction, so it's about time I finally got around to reading it. As with all things Bowden, so far, so good. Also, I didn't realize that he wrote this book in the 1980s. I do wonder if that will have an impact on his writing style.
    • I put another dent in What If?. This book is the perfect thing to read when you're also half-watching television. The chapters are (mostly) short, so I can stop and start easily.