Why I Love... Snatching Reading Time

Sometimes you don't have the time to read for hours or even halves of hours on end. Sometimes you only get a few minutes here and there. Or just here cause you're too busy to find time there. I've lucked out lately that changes in my life (coughreadingfewernewsblogscough) have led me to have more reading time, but I still love snatching minutes of reading time here and there.

I almost always have a book or magazine on me or, failing that, my phone. I love being able to cram in two or three minutes of reading when I find a moment. These snatches usually occur while I am in transit - riding the metro, stuck in a slow elevator, on the longest escalator ever, etc. They also happen when I'm waiting - for my lunch to reheat in the microwave, when I'm meeting someone, waiting for some sort of service, etc. It's not a ton of time, but it's the perfect amount to catch up on something.

These minutes don't allow for immersive reading, but sometimes they're the best I can manage. The brief reading lulls also help me get through reading slumps, when nothing seems to be hitting the spot. I'd rather get at least a few pages of reading done than sit around waiting for the mood to strike.

Some reading is better than no reading in my book.