What I Read This Week: May 15, 2016

It has been raining for over two weeks. Seriously. It's just gray and rainy everyday. I am so ready for this weather to be over, but Capital Weather Gang says we might be stuck in this pattern for even longer. Boo.

In other boo news... the Washington Capitals lost. We were so close. So close! Alas, we are cursed to never leave the second round. On the upside, The Husband and I won't have to make the hard decision about weather or not to lay out more money for third round and Stanley Cup tickets.
  • Work
    • I have almost finished up Handbook for Digital Projects. I would have finished, but I took Friday off so it'll have to wait for next week.
  • Magazines
    • No bullets (or pretty cover images) here because I caught up on all my magazines last week. I'm fairly certain this is a first. Instead of reading magazines during my commute, I listened to podcasts. It was an enjoyable alternative. I highly recommend NPR's Embedded.
  • Books
    • I finished In The Unlikely Event. While there were still a ton of characters to keep straight, I loved the plot so much that I finished the last third of the book in about two days. I even stayed up past my usual bed time to do so. 
    • I started reading The Purity Myth by Jessica Valenti. This one has been on my list since it came out years ago. Here's hoping it doesn't make me so cranky I throw things.
  • Other
    • I finally got around to reading the manual to our new camera. Methinks the video tutorials on Lynda will be more useful.
    • Buzzfeed wrote up a review of the many meal delivery services that exist these days. The Husband and I have done Blue Apron a few times so it was nice to see how the others compare.
    • The Atlantic posted what I found to be a mildly depressing story on the necessary relationship between universities and helicopter parents.