Book 8: Crockery Cookery

TITLE: Crockery Cookery
AUTHOR: Mable Hoffman
STARTED: April 23, 2016
FINISHED: April 23, 2016
PAGES: 250
GENRE: Cookbook

FIRST SENTENCE: Welcome to the newest edition of Crockery Cookery.

SUMMARY: [From BN] Mable Hoffman loves to cook. A professional home economist, she cooks to develop recipes, to promote food products and to prepare those tasty, eye-appealing dishes you've seen in ads and food-preparation articles. She's also a food stylist and editorial consultant for Better Homes & Gardens. Slow cooking is different and requires special recipes. Mable developed every recipe specially for slow-cooking pots. Every one has been tested and re-tested to bring you sure success with each meal you prepare. You'll see how your slow-cooking pot invites culinary creativity. Just use these recipes as a foundation and add a little pinch of your own ingenuity to the pot. You'll find slow cooking makes good eating!

THOUGHTS: I can see why this is a classic slow cooker cookbook... but I would like some fresher material. This is definitely a cookbook to have if you're just starting out with your slow cooker, but I wanted something newer and fresher.

The best part about this book was reading my friend's marginalia.

RATING: 5/10 [Meh]