Why I Love... Reader's Advisory

Last night, I went to a dinner with The Husband's coworkers. Several people from his company were in from out-of-town and they decided to have an informal get together. I've not met many of his colleagues, so this was a nice chance to put names to faces. I ended up chatting with a gentleman who was trying to get back into reading fiction. On went the librarian hat!

I asked him a few questions about books he liked and books he didn't like; genres he loved, and topics he might want to try. I asked about the last few titles he read that he enjoyed just to suss out a bit more information. Then, after I thought for a few moments, I recommended a few books that might be of interest to him.

I love doing reader's advisory because it mixes two things I love: getting to know people and trying to supply them with useful and/or entertaining things. I recommend books to The Husband and my friends all the time, but it's a rare day I get to do it with someone new. Last night reminded me how much I love connecting people with reading.