What I Read This Week: April 3, 2016

You ever have one of those weeks where it flew by so fast you don't actually know what you did? That was this week for me. It started slow - Monday was a day off - but ramped up quickly and ended in a mad dash. From all the things I checked off my to do list (work related, socially, at home), I clearly accomplished much... but I feel like I was run over my a herd puppies.

I need a nap.
  • Work
    • Somehow I was not at my desk all that much this week. Lots of meetings, teaching, and random stuff came up. I did get a chance to peruse the new ALA Editions catalog. This was the first catalog released since I started my new position. I took a few moments to pin some titles that are relevant to my new work tasks.
  • Magazines
    • The Atlantic, April 2016 - It took me forever to read this issue. An article on foreign policy doctrine in the Obama administration and commuting don't really work together. I had to re-read passages several times to make sure I ingested everything correctly. This issue also had an engrossing read on a missing person's case in Alaska. Finally, in a shocking move for this magazine, there was a rather large section the return of the black panther comic... that include an excerpt. It was awesome.
  • Books
    • I put a not-insignificant dent into Bowden's book The Finish. No surprise for a book by this author... I'm loving it. So far Bowden is offering a lot of back-story to set up "the finish."
  • Other
    • Daily Beast posted a fun article about the life of a bourbon barrel.