What I Read This Week: April 17, 2016

The Husband and I are in Austin, Texas visiting his parents. I may or may not be thinking of a way to bring their dog back with us. If he goes missing, shhh, I didn't do it. There is a ton of fun stuff to see (and eat) here, but I managed to carve out some reading time on the trip down (around my naps, of course). We head back tomorrow, so I'll get even more reading done then. Even if I don't, Read-a-thon is next weekend, so I shall have plenty of time then.
  • Work
    • This week as National Library Week, so of course I read the 2016 edition of ALA's State of American Libraries. I am very much a fan of the whole "Libraries Transform" theme.
    • Despite only being in the office for a few days this week, I put a decent dent in my Handbook for Digital Projects reading.
  • Magazines
    • Washingtonian, April 2016 - This was a bust issue for me. The Husband and I are condo shopping, but the great places to live piece was not really helpful. The majority of this month's pages was devoted to ads for financial advisors. Blergh. That said, I did enjoy the short piece on what Washington wears to work. I also liked the spotlight piece on the movie All The President's Men
    • Food Network, May 2016 - I took one look at the cover and decided I need to make that dish. It looks so darn tasty. It was a puff pastry napoleon with raspberries and cream. Noms. I decided to pull the whole mini-booklet of puff pastries recipes. There was a whole feature recipe section on aspargus which is one of my favorite veggies. Aside from the food, there were some quick kitchen decor ideas that I noted for possible future use.
  • Books
    • I'm [thisclose] to finishing The Finish. I think it's save to say I will kill off the final pages on our trip back to DC. Good thing I brought another book with me.