What I Read This Week: April 10, 2016

The polar vortex came back to DC this week. No one was happy about that. At least the cherry blossoms got a chance to look gorgeous before this cold snap. I am ready for spring to be truly here now. I think, however, that summer will come roaring in soon and I will miss the cold weather.
  • Work
    • I forgot to mention (a few weeks back), that I started reading a book on digital projects (Handbook for Digital Projects: A Management Tool for Preservation and Access). Since I'm reading this in the office, I can only manage a few pages here and there. I think it will be useful to my new position. 
  • Magazines
    • HGTV Magazine, April 2016 - This was the annual color issue. It was very bright and fun to flip through. There were no articles to speak of... so I just looked at the pretty pictures. 
    • Cooking Light, May 2016 - Oh Cooking Light, you just get me. I love eating dinner out of bowls, and there was a whole article about building bowl meals. Fantastic! There were also decent articles about food makeovers (making classics healthy) and the best diet for brain health. I pulled a few recipes from this issue, including one for raspberry preserves that might have to turn into a gift for Lady B since she loves them.
    • National Geographic, April 2016 - This issue had great stories on the science of death (and how modern medicine is altering
      our usual perceptions of it) and urban parks. I LOVED the photo ark piece so much that I started to follow the author on Twitter just to see more pictures. This month also so another excerpt from the humans out of africa walking piece. That was a nice surprise. 
  • Books
    • The Husband had to go to NYC for a work thing on Friday. Since he was away for the night, I thought I would get to make a huge dent in The Finish. Yeah... I got distracted by catching up on some of my TV shows. Whoops. I still managed to read about 50 pages this week. I am very much enjoying how Bowden structured this book. It's all back-story so far that is building up tension and expectation leading to.... the finish.