Book 7: Healthy Crockery Cookery

TITLE: Healthy Crockery Cookery
AUTHOR: Mable Hoffman
STARTED: April 23, 2016
FINISHED: April 23, 2016
PAGES: 216
GENRE: Cookbook

FIRST SENTENCE: Foods prepared in slow cookers yield healthful yet hearty meals.

SUMMARY: [From BN] America's favorite food consultant who brought variety, taste, and style to the classic crockpotDon't miss out on one of the most popular cookbooks of all time! Now Mable Hoffman presents an all-new crockpot cookbook that builds on the success of her previous bestseller—and provides the perfect solution for our fast-paced, health-conscious times. Here are 150 all-new recipes that utilize the slow-cooking method of the classic crockpot to create low-fat, low-calorie, high-flavor meals the whole family will love. It's the ideal solution for the modern cook who's concerned about maintaining a healthy diet while managing a busy schedule.

THOUGHTS: While there were some decent recipes in here, you can tell the age on this cookbook. There's not much introduction to book, the recipes, or the use of slow cookers. I would have liked more there. That said, these recipes do seem to be healthy versions of the classics. 

RATING: 5/10 [meh]