Why I Love... Balance

This morning did not treat me all that well. Our label printer is on the fritz. Our HR department has not yet returned the answers to my questions. My interlibrary loan log-in information is not working. I, somehow, manged to get a piece tape in my hair. Oh, and I dropped a folio on my foot. All in all, not the best of Wednesdays.

But there are upsides.

Our label printer is on the fritz because we're relocating (and relableing) books to make more study space for our patrons. I have many questions for HR because we're staffing up a microfilm project. We're cataloging the backlog and sending it to off-site storage so that we can use the room for digitization endeavors. I discovered my ILL was wonky while prepping for a class I'm teaching tomorrow. The professor wants me to show students how to request non-consortial books for their semester long research paper. That tape somehow made its way into my hair while I was adding "TODAY" flags to tonight's free sci-fi classic film screening poster in the lobby.

All of these things are good. Libraries don't always run smoothly because we do so much. We try to fulfill information and entertainment needs. We try to anticipate the future needs of our users. We try to teach others so they can be lifelong learners. So, even when the library has its bad days, we're still doing good for our community and patrons. Everything balances out.

... except for dropping a folio on my foot. That's just annoying.