What I Read This Week: March 6, 2016

DC weather is bipolar. This week started so lovely that I went for a run.... outside... three times. It snowed Thursday night. What the heck, Mother Nature?


  • Magazines
    • Good Housekeeping, March 2016 - I flew through this issue. The organizing and decluttering tips were helpful, but it was nothing new. I did enjoy some of the tasty looking dinner ideas. 
    • National Geographic, March 2016 - The cover story about getting people to eat "ugly" food was simply fantastic. I am all about changing how we judge food based on looks alone. It still tastes the same. If you want to see some pretty pictures, I recommend the article on reintroducing wildlife in the Seychelles. Finally, the articles on the Kurds and working the arctic are both worth a look.
  • Books
    • Are you sick of hearing about Shelters of Stone yet? I hope not, because I am still enjoying it very much. I think we've finally entered the heart of the story... 500 pages in.
    • I'm thinking of starting a second book to read on the side (shocker, I know!), just to vary things a touch. I've been hankering to read Spark Joy, Marie Kondo's second book.
  • Other