What I Read This Week: March 27, 2016

Twas a short work week for me. The students call it Spring Break, Part 2. I call it Get a Lot of Stuff Done Around the Apartment. This time, I added a dose of a research project. A family member is working as a researcher for an author writing a book on an obscure folk musician. She lives in Charlotte and needed to confirm some pre-1978 copyright information at the Copyright Office in DC. So, obviously, she asked if I could swing by. Luckily, I had these extra days off.

On Thursday, I metroed on over to the Copyright Office on Capitol Hill. Turns out, that place is the Indiana Jones warehouse of card catalogs. Seriously. So. Many. Card. Catalogs. But my trip was successful and I added on a quick pit-stop at the card catalog (just to confirm some things I found online) in the main LOC building. (It's so pretty!) All in all, not a bad way to pass a morning. It was a beautiful day and the cherry trees were in bloom, so my walk to and from Union Station was very enjoyable.

  • Magazines
    • Savory, March/April 2016 - Spring recipes that focus on veggies? Sign me up! There were also some tasty looking Easter feasts. My favorite part of this issue has to be the recipes that only use 5 ingredients. Simple, easy, and tasty looking. I also pulled a recipe for Reuben Calzones, cause why the heck not!
    • Real Simple, April 2016 - Marie Kondo seems to be everywhere! The main cover feature was about spring cleaning your life - that includes home, head, and heart. I'm a fan. I particularly enjoyed the piece on getting your kids to clean. The Husband and I are still a twosome, but I recognized some of the recommendations because my mom did them with my
      brother and I. Another feature piece talked about a woman who had to relearn how to drive. As a non-driver (I've not sat behind the wheel in 5ish years), that article hit home. Finally, there was a cute piece on bringing back old-school niceties. As someone who still sends out random pieces of snail mail, I can get behind this trend.
  • Books
    • I did it! I finished Shelters of Stone! It only took me forever, but I enjoyed the story and I am very much looking forward to reading the final book in the series. Said book is sitting on a shelf waiting for me, but I think I'll wait at least a few months before I pick it up.
    • As a complete change of pace, I started reading Mark Bowden's The Finish: The Killing of Osama Bin Laden. I love his writing style. Somehow Bowden manages to make non-fiction read like fiction.