What I Read This Week: March 20, 2016

March is a weird weather month. It was pretty glorious all week, and now this weekend is gross. There is a rain/snow thing happening. Not a fan.

Other things I am not a fan of include the metro shutting down for a weekday for safety checks. That is more than a little bit disconcerting. On the upside, I had to take the day off (our office didn't close but I had not reasonable way to get to work) so I got some reading done. It's the little things.
  • Work
    • I flipped through the March/April 2016 issue of American Libraries. I am a fan of all of the articles that discuss libraries transitioning into a new information era.
  • Magazines
    • HGTV Magazine, April 2016 - There was a nice, quick piece on how to style pillows on your bed and I also enjoyed the survey of household habits. Aside from that, if I was a DIYer, I would have loved the blogger projects... but I'm not that crafty.
    • Food Network, April 2016 - So many delicious looking pasta recipes! I may have to give the cover dish a spin. In the first chunk of this issue, there was a helpful recipe on how to store herbs. Mine always seem to loose their zest quickly, so it's nice to see the proper method of keeping them flavorful. I may also need to share the secrets of Disney food with a Disney-adoring friend. I'm sure he knows all of it, but I bet he would appreciatethe tips nonetheless.
    • Cooking Light, April 2016 - The best part about this issue was the dinner party menus based on different cuisines. It makes me want to host a party. In addition to the "try the world" party, this issue has a whole slew of dumpling recipes. Maybe I need to follow my global food party with a DIY dumpling party. Either way....party! This issue also included a section on how to work more "ancient" grains into your meals. I'm a fan.
    • Washingtonian, March 2016 - The cover story was all about how DC is awesome, no matter what people say. I mostly agreed with the contents - but no one defended DC in August... cause that weather is just abysmal. In addition, there was a very good piece about a group of men trying to turn Tangier Island into an oyster farm paradise. I hope they are successful.
    • Good Housekeeping, April 2016 - One of the feature articles was tips for spring cleaning. I have a few days off next week and was planning to tackle our apartment. I may need to put a few of these to use. Also, I normally just flip past the pages that feature various products - but this time they were all navy... and I want most of them. Bring me all the blue things! Finally, there was an article about how best to take care of your hair. I could probably use quite a bit of that
      information. My thin strands tend to me in a ponytail or bun more often than not.
  • Books
    • Daylight Saving Time is the worst. The worst! It always throws off my schedule. Despite that, I still managed to put a large dent in Shelters of Stone. There is a chance I finish this door-stopper before the month ends.
  • Other
    • Tea and Cookies, one of my favorite blogs, posted a wonderful essay on what it means to do a kindness for someone.