What I Read This Week: March 13, 2016

Spring has sprung (is springing?) in DC! Mother nature picked the perfect week to show her lovely side. The Computers in Libraries conference was Tuesday through Thursday of this week, and I live close enough to the hosting hotel to walk. It was a great way to spend a few days. This conference is a bit hit or miss, but between the lovely, ambling commute and some decent sessions, I would call the 2016 session a win.

In other news, Lady B and her bearded one hosted a few of us for a Hobbits-a-thon. We watched the extended versions of all the Hobbits movies (and feasted in the proper fashion). I provided some baked goods and fruit, and partook of the other delicious bits (of which there were many). It was a fun time.
  • Work
    • College and Research Libraries News, March 2016 - I skimmed the majority of this issue, but I did like the article on reskilling liaison librarians. I found it very relevant to what is currently happening in my library.
  • Magazines
    • Real Simple, March 2016 - The cover story was all about the best beauty products you can buy at a drugstore. I love pampering myself on the cheap, so that article was right up my alley. There was also a great piece on mindful shopping. As someone who is trying to become more of a minimalist, I paid special attention to this article. Finally, there were some tasty looking soup recipes in this issue. Too bad were just about done with soup season.
  • Books
    • It might be possible for me to finish Shelters of Stone in the month of march. I'm still 200ish pages from the end of the book, but it's moving right along and I see a probable ending in sight.
  • Other