Seen on the Metro: Patchwork Cap

Yesterday morning, my metro car to work was quite crowded. I want to blame everyone's schedule feeling weird because of Daylight Saving Time but, really, it was just metro being metro. 

When I finally spied a seat to grab, I ended up sitting across the aisle for a rather dapperly dressed gentleman. The day was gray and mizzly so he was wearing a graphite gray trench coat and he wore rubber sleeves over his tasseled, black patent loafers. On his head, a patchwork quilted page-boy cap. He was an older gentleman, and he wore this outfit with a distinguished flair.

That flair might have been aided by the mylar-covered library book he was reading: The Last of the President's Men by Bob Woodward

At Metro Center, the gentleman disembarked. I have no idea where this man was headed, but he was doing so in style.