Why I Love... Seeing Students Read

The weather did nothing but rain today. Sometimes the rain was light, sometimes it poured, but the whole day was gray and wet. If I had been home, I would have made tea and snuggled in with my current doorstopper of a book. Instead, I was at work.

I run our social media accounts, and today I wandered around the library looking for a good picture to post. In our lobby area, we have some relatively comfy chairs for patrons to take over. There were three students studying away, and I snapped a shot. Each student was plugged into their own little world, but they all had some sort of work to do and a hot beverage at hand. I was instantly jealous.

Seeming others read reminded me of the days I was one of those students. Closed off from the world, deep in whatever text I was tackling. Seeing these students read gave me a deep sense of nostalgia. Ah, to be a college student again, when reading was definitely a part of the job.