What I Read This Week: February 14, 2016

My week was made of meetings. Lots and lots of meetings. Why were there so many meetings? It also ended in a cold snap. The wind chill today is basically arctic. I am not a fan. At least The Husband and I plan on celebrating Valentine's Day by staying inside where it is warm.
  • Magazines
    • National Geographic, February 2016 - I thought the cover story on what's below London was going to be the main feature in this issue. It wasn't. It was kind of a side feature, and I was sad that the piece was not longer; I really wanted to know a whole lot more about the archeological discoveries in London. Aside from that, I did enjoy the pieces on the biology and evolution of the eye, Denali National Park, and women in Saudi Arabia. This issue was kind of random, but the contents were all good.
    • Washingtonian, February 2016 - This issue was kind of meh. As much as I love food, I ended up skimming the restaurants cover piece. That was followed by a large ad section on the "Face of
      Washington" and another on pets that I also just flipped through. The best parts of this issue were in the first few pages. The articles, on the whole were kind of eh, but I did enjoy the piece on sending children to occupational therapy. That was kind of eye opening. That said, I want to get my hands on the dessert featured on the cover. 
  • Books
    • I managed to read about 100 pages in Shelters of Stone this week. That puts me about 175 pages into the novel, and we've just covered the first day. Oh yes. It's a door stopper.
  • Other
    • If you've read Scott O'Dell's Island of the Blue Dolphins, then you know the story of Karana. JSTOR Daily posted the true story of the woman the book is based on.
    • Should you learn to procrastinate? The New York Times posted an interesting column on why you might.
    • Awesome! The Atlantic posted some pretty sweet looking, vintage-inspired NASA travel posters.