Why I Love... Reading Challenge

I'm new to reading challenges, but I kind of love the one I've taken part in. I did fairly well on Pop Sugar's 2015 reading challenge. While I did, in many cases, use the same book could be used to check-off multiple items, I still think that's a pretty good outcome.

These reading challenges are a nice way to narrow down what book I should read when I have no strong urge one way or another. It also reminds me to think outside the book and try something new.

There were certain categories I was never going to complete. There are just no books I've picked up and never finished, very few books are set in my hometown, and I'm not one for the horror genre. All in all, I'm still pleased.

Pop Sugar released the 2016 list if you'd like to participate. I'll be printing out a copy to hang on my fridge again.