What I Read This Week: January 24, 2016

This week can be summed up in one word: Anticipation. Forecasters started predicting major snow at the start of the week, and the anticipation just built up each day. Friday was a half day at my office, so that we could all get home before blizzard conditions hit. I ended up being the only person from my Unit who came in. (I have the luxury of not driving... not that metro wasn't affected. They shut. it. down.) The Husband and I hunkered down at home with our most random of storm supplies (eggs and bread... but also hot dogs and salami), and watched the weather from the comfort of home. As for work tomorrow, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I have to keep an eye on that.
  • Magazines
    • National Geographic, January 2016 - The cover story on national parks was just awesome. I've not visited any of the showcase national parks, but you better believe their on the list. This cover piece paired nicely with the story about humans seems to "refresh" themselves in nature. I also like the stories on rubber and vultures. Those were two subjects I knew nothing about.
    • The Atlantic, January/February 2016 - This issue was mainly about the upcoming presidential election. The two main essays were well written with great viewpoints and supporting evidence. I would not be surprised if any of the articles were assigned in a college politics class. Aside from the, the article on a DEA agent tracking and taking down a drug cartel was fascinating.
  • Books
    • Who almost finished Voracious? This girl! Who wants to make all the food in the book? Also, this girl. Who can't actually do that because there's snow everywhere? Sadly, this girl.
  • Other
    • There might be another, undiscovered planet in our solar system. Oooooo! NPR sent out a breaking news alert for this article. Normally I hate breaking news items that aren't immediate (looking at your sports alerts CNN), but I was kind of okay with this one.
    • Article club met this week. We had a fantastic discussion about this article from The Guardian that looks into how men seem to lose friends.
    • LinkedIN sends me a summary of good articles once a week or so. Most of them I skim, but I really enjoyed this piece on the things you learn when you get to be alone.
    • From The Atlantic online: Why does everyone buy the makings for french toast before a snow storm?