What I Read This Week: January 17, 2016

Winter finally reared its head this week. I even had to break out the fleece lined tights. Brr. Am I allowed to start rooting for snow days now? I love what I do (and I even started a new position - same library - last week), but snow days just bring out the kid in me. Plus - they're an excuse to eat pancakes or waffles on a weekday. Mmmmm pancakes.
  • Work
    • College and Research Libraries News, January 2016 - This issue was well-timed. It focused on engagement through social media and collaboration. There are changes afoot in our library, so I filed several ideas and concepts away for later use.
  • Magazines
    • The AtlanticDecember 2015 - Well, the cover story on this was very hard to read, but I think it was important to get some perspective on teenage suicide. Too often kids voices and needs get lost in the rush to succeed. Aside from that, I enjoyed reading the piece about Bill de Blasio's role in the democratic party. The fiction story in this issue, about a disabled priest, was quite good as well.
    • HGTV Magazine, January/February 2016 - The issue was basically a catalog. I was kind of okay with that. There was one piece on home improvement questions that was rather
    • Food Network, January/February 2016 - I was flipping through this issue rather quickly until I hit the bundt cakes. Man did those look delicious. I pulled a few of the recipes, and even The Husband is advocating for the future baking of the Tunnel of Fudge cake. There were also some decent Superbowl food ideas... that I would use if I didn't make the same vats of chili every year.
    • Cooking Light, January/February 2016 - Side Note: I didn't realize that most magazines followed a January/February joint issue pattern until I started writing up this post. Now I do. Onward! This issue was chock  full of chicken recipes. Normally I find that boring, but since our chicken eating has taken on a dull pattern as of late, I decided to pull a few recipes to add to our rotation. There were article features I enjoyed, but only tentatively so. I loved that the pieces on how Cooking Light works and the healthy year guide were informative and useful, but they felt like an ad push for Cooking Light's new (paid) diet plan. I'm hoping this magazine doesn't turn into a giant ad for a weight-loss program. That would be incredibly disappointing.
  • Books
    • I'm about halfway through Voracious and oh man is this book great (especially in comparison to my first read of the year). Each recipe is introduced by a short story connecting a moment in the author's to the food she's introducing. It's a simple structure, but it works wonders. This book is also giving me a party idea - a potluck where people make a food item from one of their favorite books. Maybe I'll get around to throwing that this year.