Why I Love... End of Year Lists

It's that time of the year when publications and those-in-the-know put together their best of the year and gift lists. I always look forward to seeing what others consider the great reads or great gifts. This time of the year gives me the chance to look into books I missed. I always find myself adding one or two or a dozen books to my TBR list.

I think one reason I like this time of year is because it all happens at once. I'm swimming in lists to read, and the abundance of choice reminds me of all the great books there are. The lists also give me a chance to see trends - what book was the most recommended, what genre is floating to the top, what debut authors are going to have an impact. So, it's not just the books I learn about, it's the information about the publishing industry and writing trends.

Also, I love lists. Simply put - give me a list and I will mentally check-off what I have read and what I need to read.