What I Read This Week: December 6, 2015

I spent this week reading and thinking about all the things we have to do before Christmas. I'm that person who loves making lists, so all of this planning is right up my alley. I'm actually excited about all the baking, cooking, and cleaning that is headed my way.

This week was also spent shopping for presents and wrapping said presents. I am pretty much done with my holiday shopping. I only have one present left to purchase, and that comes down timing more than anything. Woohoo!
  • Magazine
    • Cooking Light, December 2015 - We're hosting both a friends Christmas party and Christmas with our family this year. This issue must have known. The apps and holiday ideas made easier features were both right up our alley. I don't know if we'll put any of those to direct use, but I did enjoy the tips. I also enjoyed the tasty looking slow cooker recipes. Ours gets much use in the winter and we like to mix things up when we can so we're not eating the same thing all of the time.
    • HGTV Magazine, December 2015 - Wow! This was quite the colorful issue. It was fun to see how many color palettes you can actually use for the holidays. The Husband and I like our red/white/silver scheme, but it was fun to see all the other combinations that don't normally come to mind. Gift ideas are always helpful to file away - and this issue had plenty. The magazine also featured a house tour of a Victorian style home in Chicago with modern decor. It was stunning. I would like to move into the library/den. I also like how all the "regular" columns in this magazine were given a Christmas spin.
    • Food Network, December 2015 - *singing* Oh cookie pile... oh cookie pile... thisissue had tons of cookie ideas. I might even use the thumbprint cookie recipe this year. My mother-in-law only requested one cookie recipe this year - thumbprints - and I'm excited to try something new. Beyond the cookies, there were several fantastic holiday mains and sides. (Why are the holiday issues always the best ones?) This issue had pages and pages of gift ideas for foodies. I'm pretty much done with my shopping, but several items may be making an appearance at future gift situations. 
    • Good Housekeeping, December 2015 - I read this the day it arrived in my mailbox. Progress! It was full of gift ideas and holiday tips and food, but nothing too special jumped out at me. I did notice that my mom made a breakfast casserole recipe from this issue during Thanksgiving. She must havereceived her issue a few weeks before I did. It was tasty.
    • Real Simple, November 2015 - This was a pretty typical holiday issue (food and tips), but there was a feature piece that jumped out at me: the article on guest etiquette for parties. I agreed with almost every bit of advice (one bit I did not agree with... giving a hostess something other than wine. I will never turn down wine!). We're hosting our friend Christmas party next Saturday, so I was definitely bobbing my head at certain points (coughRSVPetiquettecough). I also liked the article about how a town came together to help a family in need. It was very touching and makes you think about the community in which you live.
  • Books
    • I'm still chugging away at Dragonfly in Amber and I think I might actually finish this guy before Christmas. I had seriously forgotten the majority of what happened in this book. It's almost like a new read to me.
  • Other