What I Read This Week: December 13, 2015

Happy Anniversary to us! Today is The Husband and my's one-year wedding anniversary. Where did the time go?

We opted to celebrate by hosting our usual holiday party yesterday. We made a lot of appetizers and desserts, and enjoyed quite the pleasant evening with our friends. Today, we lounge and watch football. A great way to celebrate our first year, if I do say so myself.
  • Work
    • College and Research Libraries News, November 2015 - I mainly skimmed this issue, but I did pause to read the short piece on liaison librarians. 
    • College and Research Libraries News, December 2015 - I also gave this issue a hearty skim. It was mainly year-in-review stuff, but I did stop to read about submitting proposals to the next ACRL conference. I have an idea for a session, I just need to find the right conference for it. 
    • American Libraries, November/December 2015 - There were some pretty good trend pieces in this issue - I particularly enjoyed the one about libraries hosting adult coloring events. I also liked the article on the changing librarian stereotypes. Turns out the article is based on a book. I shall be adding that to me reading list.
  • Magazines
    • National Geographic, November 2015 - This issue was all about climate change and how we need to fix it. It was a pretty in-depth issue and I'm glad my reading was roughly timed with the climate talks in Paris. I am all for renewable energy, and it was interesting to see what could be on the horizon in that field.
    • Real Simple, December 2015 - More gift ideas... even a few I may use in the future. Aside from that, I really enjoyed the article on service dogs.
  • Books
    • Last weekend I thought I was a few days away from finishing Dragonfly in Amber. When I did the math, it turned out I had 300 pages left. Gabaldon's books always throw of my perspective. I'm still nearly done, and I am very happy to have re-read this book. It will be hard to not immediately start the next book in this series. I should probably time that re-read to the release of the third season of Outlander (if they greenlight that).
  • Other
To many more happy years of kisses under the mistletoe.