Earlier this year, I read Marie Kondo's book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I loved it and could not wait to put a few of her lessons into practice in my own life. Since I'm on an academic calendar for work, I had last week (when we hosted our families for the holidays) and this whole week off. I've been splitting up my chores over the days, and one of those chores is weeding everything in our apartment.

I decided to start with the books first. I've always been good about weeding my collection, but there always seem to be books on the shelf that don't need to be. So, I put Kondo's motto to use. If a book did not "spark joy" it was piled for donation to our apartment's community bookcase.

Those culled are in the picture below.

I was very proud of myself for being honest and upfront about what I want to keep, so I posted the picture on Facebook. Turns out I have books others love, and a few people requested my donations go to them. The Gabaldon books are going to a friend from college, and the Keegan books will be shipped to my brother. I love that weeding (which makes me happy) results in books going to friends and family (which make them happy).

Everybody wins!