Why I Love... Purse Books

Whenever possible, I like to carry reading with me. I always have a magazine in my commuting bag, and books galore make it into my carry-on bag when we travel. That said, I have a particularly love for small, purse-sized books I can take with me to run errands.

Today, I visited my grandfather's grave at Arlington National Cemetery. His birthday coincides with Veteran's Day, and I'm the only family member who lives locally. I took the day off so that I could lay flowers and spend some time with him on behalf of our family.

To get there, I chose a combination of walking and metroing. Since our metro system is running on a less frequent, Saturday schedule for today's holiday, I knew I would need a book with me in case of a long wait or random stop in a tunnel. Both of these things happen frequently in DC (unfortunately). In preparation, I slipped The Life Changing Magic of Tidying-Up into my purse. It's the perfect purse book: light, slim, and not much bigger than a mass market paperback. It's small enough that I also had enough room for the stuff you typically find in a purse. 

While I lucked out and never had a long wait or tunnel delay, it was nice to have a book that kept me occupied without weighing me down.