What I Read This Week: November 29, 2015

Well, I did get some reading done over the Thanksgiving holiday, but I was majorly distracted by on-going games of Words with Friends. My family has an extensive and strong vocabulary.
  • Magazines
    • Glamour, November and December 2015 - I need to figure out how to cancel this subscription. I randomly started receiving issues a few months ago and thought I would give it a try. I read these two issues back to back and, aside from the RWAR girl power bits, this magazine is just not for me.
    • Real Simple, September 2015 - Having just finished up that tidying book, I was all about the organizing tips in this issue. I am raring to go on that project. I also enjoyed the article on creating study spaces. Finally, there was a great feature piece on a woman who built a one-room cabin the woods to act as her retreat.
    • Real Simple, October 2015 - There were even more organizing tips in this issue. Can I use the, yet? Can I? Can I? There were also some decent tips on strengthening your marriage, and the impact drinking has on women.
  • Books
    • I put a major dent in Dragonfly in Amber. If this was anything but a Diana Gabaldon book, I would be finished by now.