What I Read This Week: November 22, 2015

Today, The Husband and I hit the road for Thanksgiving. We're visiting my family in upstate New York. There's a spot near the wood burning stove that has my name on it. I've got Dragonfly in Amber and a few magazines in my bag. Hopefully, I'll make a large dent in both.
  • Magazines
    • Savory, November/December 2015 - I noticed the new issue was available at Giant when we were grocery shopping last weekend. I'm beginning to have quite the fondness for this small magazine - it has great recipes that are simple to follow and, in many cases, use convenient ingredients. In fact, The Husband and I may have found the recipe for Beef Wellington we will use at Christmas in this issue. These pages were chock full of great holiday meal ideas (including cookies).
    • Washingtonian, November 2015 - The majority of this issue was devoted to great places to work. I mainly ignore that, but I did read the snippets about what makes an office great. There was also an article on Donald Trump's acquisition of a Virginia winery. It shows quite a bit of harsh business handling, but was a fairly interesting read.
  • Books
    • I'm still making my way through Dragonfly in Amber. How I forgot all of these plot points is beyond me. I am so glad that I am reading this before Starz releases the next season of Outlander.
    • I finished The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up just in time to return it to the library. I get what all the hype is about. This book is amazing and I simply cannot wait to put what I learned into practice over my Christmas holiday break. I will be weeding and cleaning so many things... and I am very, very excited about that prospect.
  • Other
    • WaPo posted a fascinating look at Hillary Rodham Clinton's name game. I had my reasons for changing my last name when The Husband and I married, but I seriously considered keeping my maiden name. (For one, my maiden name gave me awesome initials. Awesome, I say!) I have married friends who kept their maiden names. So, this piece was a rather interesting "investigation" to read.